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Welcome to the Carrara Designs Chastity belt information Site.


All belts are handcrafted. They are made in our own workshop. We cut, weld, polish, sand and/or bend the steel until everything is in place. Then we apply the linings and make sure everything works fine.


It takes a long time for us to manufacture one belt. We don't want to make the process easier by compromising our design. That would only cause problems for the wearers or make it less durable.

Not a business

We do this because we want to share our chastity experiences with other enthousiast. We started only because we were not satisfied with what was already out there. This means we charge you a very moderate fee for our work and the materials.

We are a business, but we cannot make a living out of it. So we are making these belts in our spare time, just for you!

Delivery times

We like working on the steel in our workshop to provide others with the best chastity-experience out there. Although it is fun for us, we cannot spend every waking hour outside our job in the workshop. We will do our best to make sure you get your order in a reasonable amount of time, but if we get several orders at a time, delivery times shoot up easily to 6 weeks. We WILL deliver, but bear with us if orders come in in larger numbers.


We only use the best neoprene liners, coatings and stainless steel for our products. Not to make them more expensive, but to make a comfortable and durable item. We were not satisfied with the quality of other products which made us start this offering in the first place. This makes sure we can be proud of our work and make you a satisfied customer. Please note that if something does not fit well, breaks or is not up to par, we are happy to make adjustments.