Our chastity products are made with great care, and are handcrafted. They are thus a little piece of art. Most probably, no two identically shaped belts exist, since they are made on your given sizes.

No two leafs on an oak are identical, just like your body isn't identical to any other. That is why our belts are custom made, custom sized and continuously improved.

Carrara designs strives to make the best chastity products anywhere. We designs and manufacture the products ourselves, which are tested all the time. Even the testing is done ourselves, so we know how it feels!

Our waistbands for instance is not just some bent, flat steel section, but a 3d-designed, handcrafted, ergonomic and lasercut sectional piece of machinery. They are designed to keep you chaste, be escape-proof and suitable for wear over extended periods of time.

Our products are tailor made to keep you chaste and secure.

About Quality

Our quality is yet unmatched anywhere. Other companies tell you they have an all stainless steel belt, but forget to mention the chainlinks aren't. Or they forget to mention they did not bother to use an oxidation-free lock.

Our lock designs are the best there are, leaving the locks intact or even make it an integral part of the locking mechanism. There are no better solutions out there.

All of our products are handmade from 304L stainless steel. They can be worn for extended periods of time, because all bodily functions can be performed whilst wearing them.

You know what's the secret? We are chastity belt enthusiasts ourselves and are making our experiences generally available. That's how we know what works and what doesn't. So be sure: our products work!