We make these belts for you on your given sizes. If these sizes are incorrect, the belt will not fit properly, In this case, we can not be responsibly for the right fit. Eventual changes will be done for a very reasonable price plus shipping (Please ask for estimation.) If we take the size ourselves, it is also clear we take material- and work hours for our account, only shipping will be charged. See measurements to learn how to take measurements or how to get measured by us in our workshop.

We create these belts on your request. We consider the chastity belt as an erotic plaything, or as a consensual wear. We never promote the forced wear of the belt by someone who does not like or want this. We wish to emphasize the fact that we don’t promote the use of chastity belts on minors.

We feel as likely, however not necessary to give a spare key in a sealed envelope to the wearer. In one rare occasion of accident or sickness, the belt might become bothersome instantly!

Be reasonable in point of wearing time! Like already mentioned, you can not put a belt on someone’s body if he/she does not agree with it.

We are all healthy and comprehensive people, and must understand that an extended/forced abstention for male wearers might result in an atrophy of the semen production. In case of a sexual active man, an emission will take place regularly and uncontrolled. If not, I feel it likely that an emission has to be activated every 2 to 4 weeks, even if there is no real drive. I do not have yet negative reporting on this, but a definitive end of the semen production might be the utter result.

For ladies, this problem does not occur. In my opinion, the time between the periods is about the limit, point of view of hygiene. Women are very vulnerable for vaginal infections, and thus have to keep the hygiene very serious.

Considering the fact that we do not have control over your health, use and circumstances under which the belt was applied, we can not take any responsibility for eventual side-effects of chastity belt wearing.

At the other hand, we would be glad if you could inform me on effects you might encounter. This to inform other chastity belt enthousiasts.


We are certainly not responsible for lost keys. Every lock on every belt has 2 (two) keys, delivered from the manufacturer. I do NOT have copies and can also not provide copies.

The blanks are only available by the manufacturer, and I do not carry this service. This to exclude all discussions.

Technical alterations and improvements are always possible.