Measuring guide or chastity belts: follow every step and make sure you write down the measurement when prompted.

Use the menu on the right to go to the next step in measuring. The menu color will clearly indicate where you were in the process.

All chastitybelts are made to measure. This means we need to have the correct sizes in order to start producing your belt. Giving us the measurements can be done in two ways:

1. Do it yourself
It is easy to do it yourself, but you have to follow the instructions carefully. This document will tell you exactly how you have to measure and what sizes to send us. To make sure you take the correct sizes, here you can watch our step by step instructions where we measure someone. This way you know for sure where to measure. Please note that this will only work on regular sized people. If you are heavily overweight, odd-shaped or otherwise out of the ordinary, please consult us first. If it turns out the belt is not correctly sized, we will make adjustments for a reasonable fee.

2. Let us do it

Let us take your measurements!
Measurements can be taken by us if you visit our workshop in Belgium. We will personally measure you up and take all the correct measurements. We will then proceed and plan for the production of the belt. Since making a chastitybelt by hand takes us hours and hours, it is not possible to take your belt home at the same visit as the measuring.

Since we will take ample time to measure you up, a small fee will apply. The fee also guarantees you correct sizing. If the belt does not have the right fit and we took the measurements, we will make adjustments for free. (excludes possible shipping fees). Get in touch using the contact form to set up a date. If you set up a date well in advance and stay in the Antwerp region for at least a weekend, we may be able to manufacture your belt within that same weekend. We need to set this up well in advance for us to have all necessary parts in stock.

THEN: Make it fit
If you pick up your belt at our workshop, we wil fit the belt on you and make the necessary adjustments. If we mail the belt out to you, bend the steel so it will fit you properly. Look at
this video to see how it's done.