Limitations belt-wearers will encounter

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What's it for

Chastity belts are in my opinion erotic playthings, a consensual proof of fidelity or a protection against rape. Other uses are not envisioned when designing these objects.

Well being

One should be very conscious when applying a belt to someone who does not feel well. A chastity belt can become rather bothersome when feeling sick.

Sauna or Turkish baths

Allthough our belts have a stunning look on parties etc, care should be taken when using in sauna or Turkish bath. The temperature of the surface can burn someone else when leaving the cabin. Besides this, some synthetic parts might deform, age or unglue.


Look also after local rules where you are using your belt in public or outdoors. Some countries have different views on this, with sometimes nasty results!


It is not recommended to wear belts with incorporated locks (Heavy, Carrara) during swimming in dirty or sandy water, or on the beach. Sand could penetrate the lock and make it stuck. Other locking systems have the same problem, but the padlock of those models might be cut away and replaced in case of emergency.

Still want to go swim?

If you still want to go swimming or to the beach, first cover the key hole with mastic or very good quality tape. After your nice outing, first take a thorough shower to rinse-out all sand from the lock before removing the tape or mastic. Eventually remove the belt for washing out all the sand which sticks inside the protector and the grease (will feel like sanding paper all day!)