Hygiene guidelines for belt-wearers

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Before putting on a belt

Check the function of your lock.

Even after all our and your precautions, the keys could be lost, damaged or exchanged. If you are going to wear the belt for a longer period, grease the tube with your preferred grease. We have good experiences with baby-ointments containing zinc-oxide, but vaseline will do great too. Do not use baby-oil. This could damage the lining.

After a toilet-visit

Make everything as clean as your can, preferably rinse the tube with water. Always clean the string as best as you can. Use a rubber bulb or a glass of water to clean everything as thorough as you can.


For all types of belts the wearer should bathe/ shower or wash regularly. Daily washing of the tube is advised.

At necessity

For prolonged wear, your preferred grease (e.g. Vaseline) might be injected trough the perforations, using a syringe -without needle- once in a while. Apply a piece of adhesive tape over the holes until the grease is dispersed properly. For men, this will work best over night, because the nightly activity will disperse very well.

About monthly

Oiling, pour 1 drip of special lock-oil into the key hole of each padlock.

About every 6 months

Put a very tiny drop of fine oil onto the hinge-joints to avoid -unlikely- noises.

Historical hygiene problems

During the middle ages, there were several testimonies of people -generally women- who did not survive the forced wear of the chastity belt. There are three main reasons.

First, in those eras, stainless steel was not available. Copper, brass or steel are not suited for making belts, for these are poisonous due to their natural oxidation.

A second problem for ancient belt makers was the fit. Due to their limited possibilities in metalworking, the belt had to be be much bigger, say bulky to suit the needs. In the same way, the openings for sanitary needs were reduced to a minimum to keep effective, but made defecation quite a messy business. Where the belt-edges cut the body, an infection was easy. If no suitable treatment was applied, the wearer would surely die.

Third big problem of these days, and in conjunction with the second problem, the hygienic norms where not like now. Bathing was a thing you did when the smell became unbearable, and this about every few weeks.

Conclusion: Hygiene is a very important point for chastity belt wearers!