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Hello Mister Goethals,

I am very glad to have stumbled upon your website and to find a chastitybelt that surpasses all others. I have tried the plastic chastitybelts earlier, but they seemed to yank on the balls and after a while I found out I could free myself from the device even when it was locked.

Other manufacturers looked appealing to me before ordering your belt, but the ergonomic waistbelt you manufacture and the intimidating look of the covers made me decide to buy yours. And I am happy I did. I have to tell you I cannot do a thing with my apparatus any more. That is off course what it is supposed to do, but after so many disappointments, I had not expected a truly secure device at all any more.

I have been locked in the belt for four weeks as the longest period now, and I must say, I hate to love it.

Everything about the belt, the wear comfort, the design, it all whispers experience to me. I think you must have worn a lot of belts yourself to have come up with this contraption.

Thanks for sharing all that chastity knowledge with the rest of us chastity enthousiasts.

I want to thank you for the excellent (and alltogether effective) chastity belt that I picked up in your shop last Monday. I am now safely back in Norway. Conterary to other belts, this one is really wearable for extended periods of time.

Since I left you, I drowe northeast towards Amsterdam. I made a stop after about about half an hour of driving to adjust the belt somewhat. I also put in the removable spikes. Afterwards I called my wife who was delighted to hear about the effectiveness of the belt, and asked me how many keys there were. I responded "two", and she told me to get two envelopes, and mail one key in each to her work address. Then she asked me to take the third key and mail that to our home address. I responded that there was no third key, which caused me to be subject to a third degree line of questioning, culuminating with her saying: "Now this is your last chance to come clean: How many keys did Walther give you?" I still spoke the truth and said "two". She accepted my answer. She may contact you later and ask, but I very much doubt it as she is a very "private" person. It is for this reason I do not use her name in this e-mail. I have however sent her a copy.

Some people would argue that for safety purposes, I should not have been without a spare key, but I have worked with the emergency services in Norway, and know that in case of an accident, the fire brigade will cut you out of any metal contraption in seconds if it is really needed. The only real damage would be embarresment - and the need for a new chastity belt.

Being slightly paranoid, I mailed one envelope in Belgium and the second one after crossing the border to Germany. At the Holliday In in Hanover where I stayed the night, it finally hit me that I was in Germany and the only two keys to my belt were on their way to Norway. Needless to say, that made me quire aroused, and I immideately felt the spikes in the end of the penis tube. I tell you, those three "fingers" will not go unnoticed!

The belt still was extremely comfortable, although I had a slight pressure point at my left hipbone. I managed to bend the belt to make the problem go away. I could not sleep at all, but that was due to horniness and the pushing of the spikes, and not lack of comfort on behalf of the belt.

I must have fallen asleep at last, because I woke up around 7 with a raging erection that caused me to dive into the shower. 10 minutes of cold water later, I was ready to get some breakfast. After breakfast I had another shower (warm tihs time) and fell asleep on the bed, only to be waken by the chambermaid. I had not heard her knocking, and she was standing next to the bed - staring. And apart from certain stainless steel underwear, I was naked.

She blushed when I woke up, and turned to walk away (I guess chambermaids are quite used to seeing strange things), but then turned and asked in German: "Pardon me for asking, but is that a chastity belt?"

I responded back in German that it was indeed one. I noticed that she was a normal woman in her late twenties or early thirties, medium long, brownish hair, clear blue eyes, body a bit on the skinny side, sweet but not neither pretty nor ugly.

"Can you get out of it - I mean If you want to?" she asked.

"Only with the right key - or some serious cutting tools," I responded.

"And where is the key?" she wanted to know.

"There are two keys, both of them are with my wife back in Norway." I did not care to explain the details of my mailing arrangements.

"So you really can't fuck or cheate or masturbate or anything," she concluded.

"I'm pretty restricted in that area, yeah". I was getting even more embarressed by the minute.

"Can I touch it?" she wanted to know.

"Yeah, go ahead, knock yourself out," I responded. My irony was totally lost on her. After some light touching (that did nothing to lessen my embarrasment), she said: "I really MUST get one for my husband. He is a travelling salesman. Lives in his car most of the year. Where did you get yours?"

I gave her your address and Web URL as well as the Altarboy URL, and she thanked me profondly before leaving. She may and may not contact you. I forgot to ask her name, but the nametag on her uniform said "Helga", which is I believe a fairly normal woman's name in Germany. I could see that her face was very flushed when she left the room. I collected my belongings and checked out. Before leaving the room, I left a €50 tip for "Helga" with the message of "First down payment on your husbands belt - enjoy". I guess that somewhere in Germany there is a travelling salesman that may eventually hate my guts.

The belt fit like a second skin, and I had no problems wearing it for the remainder of my journey. I got home around midnight on Wednesday to find that my wife had bought a new and extremely sexy nightgown. She was in bed - reading, but got out and greeted me passionately before sending me into the shower to freshen up. I guess that I did not exactly smell of roses after the long car journey. "And when you get out, I want you to wear nothing but the chastity belt and the cuffs I put in there for you.

I showered, and put on the self locking cuffs before returning to the bedroom.

"Whow, that is just sooo CEWL", my wife responded when seeing me naked in the belt for the first time. "I LOVE the bronze finish and the massive look. From now on, I want you to be permanently under lock and key - except when I want to have some fun." She then proceeded to chain my hands over my head and gave me the most cruel and longest tease I had ever received. In between she was taking pauses, continuing to read her book. I knew better than to disurb her reading, and barely managed to keep still during the pauses. I really felt the effect of the spikes, but it was bearable because I was so aroused. A good two hours later, she unchained me and had me bring her to several orgasms, before she fell asleep, leaving me to stew in frustration.

Today I am working from home. Normally, I would use the opportunity to do a hand job or two, but today that is out of the question. I've finished all my reporting, answered all my e-mails, made a dozen customer calls and written this letter to you, and it is just barely 11:00. On a normal (unbelted) day, this work would have taken the better part of the day. I guess that chastity belts could really be sold as a "productivity tool". :-)

At the moment there are very many things I would be willing to do to get unlocked from the belt, but my wife has made it clear that I get out when she wants it, and asking is only going to prolong my lock down time.

Once again, thank you for a superb product! My wife wants to know if a similar belt can be made in nylon, acrylic or some other "airport safe" material, as she would like to have one locked on me with plastic seals when I travel by air. I have a CB-2000, the Curve and a CB-3000, but she doesn't think that they are "restrictive" enough.

Take care. For your information, I have made a matrix of all the chastity devices that I have tried. This is based on my personal experiences. I am aware that there are other devices out there that I have not tried.

I'm going out now to buy my wife very many red roses. Then I'm going to clean the house from ceeling to basement, and afterwards I am going to fix that squeeky bathroom door that has been buggering her for ages. Then maybe she will be in the mood for some "action" from my side tonight...


Guten Tag Mijnheer Goethals,

es tut mir leid, daß ich Ihnen nicht in flämisch schreiben kann, aber ichhoffe, daß Sie meine Email verstehen werden. Ich möchte Ihnen nur mitteilen, daß Ihr Keuschheitsgürtel ein exzellentes Produkt ist.

Wie Sie wissen, hatte ich mit dem ersten, größeren, Penisrohr etwas Probleme, weil darin genügend Platz war, durch Rütteln und Schütteln eine Reibung zu erzeugen, die unter Umständen einen Höhepunkt möglich machte. Mit der jetzigen kleineren Röhre ist das unmöglich.

Es ist zwar ein wenig diffizil, das „beste Stück“ hineinzubekommen, ohne daß die Vorhaut sich zurückzieht. Aber auch für diese Schwierigkeit habe ich eine Lösung gefunden: ich schiebe mit dem Stiel eines Plastiklöffels alles bis ganz nach unten. Dadurch ist alles da, wo es hin soll.

Ihr Keuschheitsgürtel ist mit Abstand der beste auf dem Markt! Er ist aus meiner Erfahrung absolut sicher, ein unerlaubter Orgasmus ist völlig ausgeschlossen. Außerdem ist er gut zu tragen. Das liegt auch an derVerstellmöglichkeit – welcher andere Keuschheitsgürtel kann das?

Seitdem meine Frau sich mit dem Teil angefreundet hat, das vorne aufmontiert werden kann und sehr gut das „Original“ ersetzt, muß sie mich auch nicht mehr aufschließen, wenn sie „Bedienung“ wünscht.

Das einzige, was ein wenig aufwendig ist, ist das Sauberhalten, die Zeit dafür muß man sich nehmen.

Ich kann Ihnen nur gratulieren zu Ihrem innovativen Produkt und ich habe nichts dagegen, wenn Sie meine Email – anonymisiert – Interessenten zeigen.

Weil der Gürtel so effektiv ist und weil ich ein schlechter Mensch bin, hoffe ich, daß Ihre Frau ebenso die Vorteile Ihres Produkts und die zitierte Montiermöglichkeit nutzt. Sie sprachen bei unserem letzten Besuch von einer 8-wöchigen Tragezeit, ich würde mich freuen, wenn Ihre Frau die Zeit verlängert hat.